Is It Safe to Drink Jamaican Tap Water?

I have done my fair share of travelling and one thing that was constantly stressed to me before I stepped foot out of the airport was ‘DO NO DRINK THE TAP WATER’!

That message always stuck with me, surprisingly, I drink tap water here in Jamaica with no problems.

So, if you are coming to Jamaica, I am pretty sure you want to know if it is safe to drink from the tap?

Of course you can and I will give you a detailed look at why you should not worry.

Is It Safe to Drink Jamaican Tap Water?

The island of Jamaica was once called Xaymaca by the Taino indians and the word translates into the “Land of Wood and Water”. With countless, rivers, streams and waterfalls, Jamaica has a lot of water and the majority of it is fresh.

So is Jamaican tap water safe to drink? ABSOLUTELY!Like many things amazing things about the island,  Jamaica’s tap water quality is among the best in the world.

Basil Fernandez, the then Managing Director of the Water Resources Authority (WRA) stated “You have to remember that our water is not tainted by some of the pharmaceuticals and chemicals found in the water in some countries,”

To reinforce that fact, he stated that “Many cruise ships that visit Jamaica and come from ports such as Miami, get their supply of water from Ocho Rios and not from anywhere else,”

As you can see, tap water in Jamaica is pretty safe to drink. You will have no problem using the water to bathe, brush your teeth, cook and wash your clothes.

To further bring home the point, Jamaica’s water was voted as the best in the Caribbean.

Can You Drink Tap Water in Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril & Ocho Rios?

The tap water you drink in Kingston is going to have the same quality as that of the popular tourist towns of Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios .

The water is safe to drink and you really should have no problems with it.

The only time there should be concern is if you are in the more rural areas of Jamaica, where running water is not available.

Because of lack of infrastructure, some of these rural areas have been without water and often use rain drums to store their water. In situations like this, it would be advisable to bring with you a couple bottles of water

It is probably a good idea to avoid buying mixed or iced drinks on the street, as you do not know how the ice was made and if the water is clean.

Alternatives to Tap Water in Jamaica

Local Water Options

Source: Instagram @catherinespeakwater

If for whatever reason you don’t want to  drink the tap water or you just like bottled water, there are tons of brands that offer bottled spring water.

You can find them all over the island from supermarkets, gas stations, roadside shops and restaurants.

Some of the more popular brands are Catherine’s Peak, Lifespan, Nestle and Wata.

Please Note: Read the labels before you buy as some brands offer spring water from the mountains, while others are just filtered tap water.

Foreign Water Options

Source: Instagram @fijiwater

If you’re still not sold on Jamaican water, you can always purchase water that has been imported into the island.

Depending on the supermarket that you go to, you can easily find popular water brands like: Aquafina, Evian, Fiji and Pellegrino for those who want that high-quality taste.

Wrapping it up

As stated above, Jamaican tap water is comparable in and sometimes better than some of the water that you would be getting in overseas countries and you really should have no problems drinking from the tap or the bottled water.

Enjoy what island has to offer you if you are still hesitant, then there are tons bottled water brands that are available, both local and foreign, that should be able to satisfy your thirst.

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