About The Jamaican Experience

Welcome to the Jamaican Experience. You are probably a member of the large Jamaican Diaspora looking for fresh, insightful content. You could also be someone who is deeply interested in the culture of Jamaica and it what it has to offer. You could just be
The main purpose of this website is to become the leading authority on everything Jamaican. That is quite a lofty goal which requires alot of time, dedication, devotion and MONEY. I have 3 of the essential 4, which means this wont be going anywhere anytime soon. As I work on establishing the website I have decided to create a blog of my existence in this wonderful, anarchic island named Jamaica.

Hopefully this will become the starting point that I need as I have a vision in my head. In one year we will see how much closer I will be to that prize. So sit back, enjoy my commentary and see where it takes you.

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