What is the Weather in Jamaica in December? (Is It Hot or Rainy?)

December is the time when the winter chill starts to set in and the days grow shorter, it’s easy to feel a bit miserable…You need a vacation!

Well, Jamaica is the perfect place to escape the winter blues and enjoy some warm weather.
But before you book your trip, you might be wondering what the weather is like in Jamaica in December?

In this article, we’ll give you what to expect weather-wise during the month of December. This will allow you to plan your perfect trip and make of your vacation.

What Is The Weather Like in Jamaica in December? (An Overview)

December is by far the most popular month for tourists in Jamaica. It is the start of the winter tourist season as everyone is trying to escape the cold and enjoy some nice warm weather.

With Jamaica being a tropical island, you can expect the temperature to be pretty warm all year round, even in December.

Below is a breakdown of what the weather will be like during December, including average temperatures and rainfall.

How Hot is it in Jamaica in December? (Average Temperature)

One of the best things about December in Jamaica is the cooler weather. As we like to say, the “Christmas breeze” flows gently across the island, dropping temperatures.

In December, the days are generally not hot and sticky like the summer months and the nights can even be “chilly”.

  • Average temperature: 79.7 degrees F (26.5 degrees C)
  • Maximum temperature: 86.36 degrees F (30.2 degrees C)
  • Minimum temperature: 73.04 degrees F (22.8 degrees C)

It should be noted that these temperatures are only averages. While you can expect similar temperatures across the island, there will be some regions that are hotter or cooler than others.

How Much Rain Does Jamaica Get in December?

December is considerably drier than November due to the end of hurricane season.

The average rainfall in Jamaica in December is: 115 millimeters (4.5 inches).

There is the occasional thunderstorm and rain, however, the rainfall will not last long.

Below, you’ll find a table detailing the average rainfall in some of Jamaica’s most popular tourist destinations during December.

LocationAvg. Rainfall (in millimeters)Avg. Rainfall (in inches)
Montego Bay963.8
Ocho Rios1174.6

Is December Hurricane Season in Jamaica?

No, December is not part of hurricane season in Jamaica. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 and ends Nov 30.

So, you can book your December beach vacation without fear of hurricanes or tropical storms.

Before You Leave…

While you now know what the weather is like in Jamaica in December, you may be wondering what the weather is like in January (Just in case you plan to extend your stay of course!)

If so, no worries! We have you covered. Be sure to check out our next article that will give you an idea of what to expect in January.

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