Dunn’s River Beach at Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Beach is located below the famous Dunn’s River waterfalls where the river meets the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. The sight of the falls meeting the salty sea is spectacular, and vacationers can even climb the falls and swim in its little whirlpools, or just take in the breath-taking view from the … Read more

The Meaning Behind The Jamaican Colours

On a flagpost high above the heads of humanity, swinging lazily in the afternoon breeze, colours shining brightly in the brilliant sunshine – is the Jamaican flag. An emblem of multiple freedoms fought for and won, a symbol of the struggles overcome and a representation of pride for our current population of almost 3 million … Read more

Cheap Jamaican Flights

So you are planning on going on a vacation to our island paradise Jamaica. The first thing that comes to mind when planning any trip is the cost. The two costliest things for your trip will be getting there and staying somewhere. Cheap Jamaican flights is the 1st thing you should look for when going … Read more

Hype TV on Direct TV

Direct TV has Hype TV dubbed as  the world’s first 24 hour Caribbean music and entertainment channel. You can find Hype TV on Direct TV Channel Guide  2180. This is a big step for our local television to get some exposure. With such a big step however, the programming needs to be better. At such … Read more