25 Awesome Instagram Pics of Portland, Jamaica That’ll Inspire Your Vacation

Portland, Jamaica is a hidden gem and there it is a reason why so many people consider it the island’s ‘Garden of Eden’.

With its untouched beauty, you will find contrasting hues of lush tropical greens and inviting aquatic blues, contrasted throughout the most untouched parish on the island.

If you are planning a trip or just want to be inspired with your vacation planning, we have rounded up 25 awe-inspiring photos from Instagram that will make an excellent case why Port Antonio/Portland, is a must for your Jamaican vacation.

What’s a Tropical Vacation Without Beaches?

Drone Shot of Frenchman's Cove, Portland, Jamaica
Frenchman’s Cove, Portland, Jamaica

The parish of Portland is home to some amazing beaches, especially, the popular Frenchman’s Cove.

This unique gem, which is Frenchman’s Cove, is not only one of the most sought-after beaches in Portland, but, it is also rated as one of the best in Jamaica!

Relaxation and Beaches Go Hand in Hand

Woman Lying on the Beach: Boston Bay Beach, Portland, Jamaica

The popular Boston Bay Beach has its own unique charm. You can spend a lazy day relaxing, soaking up some sun and enjoying the warm water of the Caribbean sea.

Once you have had your fill, you can hop on by to the world famous, Boston Jerk (more on that later), which is right beside the property.

Enjoy the Beach Like the Locals

Winnifred Beach, Portland, Jamaica

Winifred Beach is a public beach that delivers on the Jamaican laid back charm. You can not only swim and lounge around all day, but you can also enjoy many of the food offerings available from the various stalls on property.

Tons of Secret Waterfalls

Secret Waterfalls, Portland, Jamaica

All the waterfalls found in Portland are absolutely amazing, but, there are some hidden gems that can only be accessed by going off the unbeaten path.      

Whatever the distance or time it takes to get there, it is definitely worth the journey to experience these awe-inspiring secrets waterfalls.

Refresh Your Soul

Woman in Red Swimsuit at Reach Falls, Portland, Jamaica

The crisp and beautiful water, along with insane visuals of Reach falls makes it a must-visit if you are staying in the Port Antonio area.

Make a day out of it and don’t be surprised if you have the whole waterfall to yourself on given days.

The Sound of Running Water Will Put You at Ease

Man standing up at Somerset Falls, Portland, Jamaica

The beautiful and tranquil Somerset Falls is just a 25-minute drive from Port Antonio and it is somewhere you want to go for a peaceful vibe and experience what nature has to offer.

Relax away the worries of the world with inviting presence of this popular waterfall.

Stay Somewhere Magical

Trident Hotel, Port Antonio Jamaica

Trident Castle offers up somewhere magical to stay in your already Garden of Eden vacation location.

Experience impressive architecture on your own private escape

Why Not Try a Jungle Experience?

Kanopi House, Port Antonio, Portland Jamaica

Kanopi House offers a “return to nature“, with villas tucked away into the lush Portland landscape.

This unique hotel is the perfect complement to what Portland is all about, being one and experiencing what nature has to offer in all its glory.

Blend in With the Landscape

Hotel Mocking Bird Hill, Port Antonio Jamaica

You will find that most hotels in Port Antonio are very quaint and do their best to stay true to the vibe of Portland.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill is one that neatly fits into the lush green foliage, giving you that eco-experience that you will come to appreciate after setting foot in the pristine natural environment.

Spend the Day Kayaking & Visit an Island

Aerial View of Monkey Island, Port Antonio Jamaica

The popular Monkey Island awaits those who are looking for an adventure. You can rent a kayak for the day and paddle over. You will be pleasantly surprised that on most days, you will have the island all to yourself.

Monkey Island, Portland, Jamaica

Rafting is a Mus!

Rafting Down the Rio Grande

“Yuh Caan Cum Portland and Don’t Raft!” Rafting on the Rio Grande is one of the most popular tourist attractions and it should definitely be on your bucket list.

Take a couple hours rafting along the Rio Grande river, relaxing and soaking in the nature’s pristine soundtrack and visuals.

Woman on a Raft on the Blue Lagoon, Portland Jamaica

Blue Lagoon…Nuff Said

Aerial View of Blue Lagoon Portland Jamaica

The Blue Lagoon is another Portland experience that has to be done!

Boat on Blue Lagoon, Portland Jamaica

You Get To Experience Authentic Jerk

Authentic Jerk Chicken & Port at Boston  in Portland

Boston is known not only as having the best jerk (chicken, pork, rabbit & more) in the island but, it is also the birthplace of this world-famous cooking style.

If you are a foodie or just enjoys good food, a visit or two to Boston is a must! Enjoy savoury meats with the heat to match, this experience will make your taste buds and stomach smile immensely.

A Real Life Garden of Eden

Portland being one of the main leaders of farming in the island, you will have access to an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Take a stop at one of the many fruit stands around and enjoy the natural food from the land.

Breakfast is Always Amazing

The great thing of having access to so much fruits and vegetables in Portland, is that it makes for epic breakfasts and lunches.

Imagine waking up to freshly squeezed orange juice, sun kissed fruits and other delights!

Bananas by the Beach

You have to get hungry after swimming around all day!

The Landscape is Inspiring

Jamaican’s love the parish of Portland and the city of Port Antonio. There is nothing like it across the island, the untouched beauty, the green feel.

You Won’t Want to Leave

Being immersed in such beauty, it is hard to leave, you will want to make it your permanent home.

Green, Green & More Green

Just being around so much greenery will impact you in a positive way. You will see why nature is so amazing and how your decision to be apart of the experience was the best vacation choice you ever made!

One of the Best Places in Jamaica to End Your Day

And to wrap it all u! The amazing sunsets in Portland will take your breath away and make you just say “this was definitely worth it!”

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