Patty and Cocoa Bread, The Essential Lunch

My stomach was growling today like a lioness about to give birth. I needed to satisfy the animal or else its actions would be something that I could not control. I headed down the road to the local patty shop to tame the savage beast. Nothing beats having a $50 beef patty along with a $25 cocoa bread. That cheap combination of food is a match made in

heaven, not only for your apt taste buds, but also your inept pocket. It is always customary to eat two patties, because one patty does not do the damage needed to stave off loud belly rumblings.

I ordered two patties and one cocoa bread and quickly went home to enjoy this perfect meal. I ate the first patty without the coca bread, enjoying the fiery aroma, at the same time making sure my mouth wasn’t scorched from the hot meat. I dealt with the customary runny nose and blowing of meat, because the gut had sensed patty, and it is at that time its appetite became insatiable.

With the first patty serving as a precursor to the main course, I burped and moved forward. The buttered center of the cocoa bred was aching to be matched with his destined partner, the second patty. When I reunited the long lost cousins, I started to eat, this time savouring each and every bite. My stomach had been squelched by the sacrificed first patty, so now it was time for the taste buds to enjoy. The taste of light butter, bread and patty created a carnival atmosphere in my mouth which traveled down to the now subdued stomach. Bite after bite resulted in my body being wrapped in joy. This lasted until I took the last chomp. With that last bite I was brought back to reality and realized that the dance with the food was over.

Fast forward 8 hours later and the two patties and cocoa bread are sitting in my stomach like a rock. Not only is patty and cocoa bread cheap, it is also a good hunger suppressant. Doing this everyday might be a good way for someone to lose weight, as once you eat this combo; you won’t need to eat anything ever again. Hail the patty and cocoa bread, the perfect meal.

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Jeremy Dixon
Jeremy is a Jamaican writer and traveler who loves highlighting the best of his homeland. He enjoys sharing his experiences to help potential visitors plan their dream vacations. With a passion for Jamaican culture, music, and cuisine, Jeremy is always seeking new adventures to share with his readers.

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