Negril Beaches

Negril’s Top Beaches

Negril is undoubtedly one of the Caribbean’s best resort towns. A picturesque town famous for its beautiful sunsets and charming cliffs overlooking beautiful turquoise waters, it is the epitome of relaxation.

With dozens of delightful guesthouses, hotels and villas, the town has a place to suit everybody, regardless of what you’re looking for.

Negril is world renowned for having some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches on the planet. With its shallow bays and calm waters, the town offers the perfect tropical vacation that will make you fall in love.

The hardest choice you’ll have to make, is which of the town’s top tier beaches to patronize. But not to worry, we’ll help you decide. Here’s a list of Negril’s top beaches to choose from.

The Seven Mile Beach

Negril’s 7-mile-beach is infamous worldwide. It’s white sand and clear waters are perfect for swimming and lounging by the sea.

The Seven Mile Beach is actually a combination of several beaches and hotspots in the resort town.

Check out a list of the trendiest and hippest places on the famous beach below.

Bloody Bay Beach

Bloody Bay Beach is a perfect hideaway that is located on the north side of the 7-mile-beach, beside the Breezes Grand Resort and Spa, and just off the Norman Manley Boulevard.

Bloody Bay is an open access beach, meaning it’s free to the public.

Locals believe that the beach got its gory name during the time that Jamaica was colonized by the British. The folklore is that the beach was so named after a bloody battle between pirates some two centuries ago.

Despite the off putting name, Bloody Bay is a spectacular beach with beautiful clear water and gentle tides. There is also a coral reef close to the beach’s shore which is perfect for snorkeling.

If you get hungry, there’s a Jamaican restaurant that serves up local favorites. There’s also a bar on the beach where you can grab a beer or get mixed drinks and cocktails.


Margaritaville is a local restaurant and bar chain with several locations on Jamaica’s coastline including the one on the 7-mile-beach.

While Margaritaville charges an entrance fee, it’s well worth it. The beach is perfect for those looking for fun, games and activities, regardless of age. In fact, it’s more like a mini water park instead of a beach. There are inflatables and a trampoline in the sea that facilitate loads of fun.

If you’re looking for more adventure, they offer rock-climbing as well.

It’s also great for swimming – the water is almost crystal clear, like a swimming pool. The attraction also offers great amenities such as bathrooms and showers.

There’s a restaurant and bar on site that whips up seafood and burgers that are to die for. Plus you are serenaded by sweet reggae music as you imbibe in the local cuisine.

The only drawback to Margaritaville is that it can be a bit pricey and it’s sometimes overrun with tourists.

Booby Cay

If you’ve ever been to the Jamaican coastline, then you know that the island is surrounded by dozens of tiny cays. Booby Cay is one of the multitude of small islands located just off the coast of Negril.

While it’s not a part of the famous 7-mile-beach stretch, the beauty of the cay rivals any spot on Negril’s coast.

Booby Cay is a natural paradise that was named after the tropical seabird of the same name. Booby Cay is one of the few locations where the unique bird visits yearly to lay eggs.

To access the cay, you will have to travel by boat. Many of the hotels and villas along the stretch offer free shuttle boats to the island. If you’re not staying on the 7 mile beach, there are boat taxis that will take you to the island for a fee.

Booby Cay’s main selling point is the beautiful coral reef that surrounds the island. The reefs are perfect for snorkeling and underwater photography.

Another great side to Booby Cay is that there are local vendors on site. These connoisseurs serve up tasty fish and other seafood cooked over smoky wood fires.

Booby Cay is the perfect place for those looking for an authentic Jamaican experience.

Bourbon Beach

If you’re aiming for an authentic Jamaican vibe, then Bourbon beach is the place to be. It is an excellent place to spend a day on the beach relaxing with friends.

If you’re a fan of reggae, then you’re in luck. The beach has sweet reggae music playing all day long and live entertainment from local bands when the sun goes down.

Bourbon Beach is perfect for lounging with a good book. Their beach chairs are so comfortable you might actually fall asleep.

The crowd is usually mixed with locals and there is generally a lot of dancing. The beach is also close to the cliffs which makes for a great view.

But what’s a good beach without food? Bourbon Beach serves up delectable dishes at an affordable cost. From jerk chicken to shrimp and lobster – you name it, they have it.

Long Bay Beach Park

Long Bay Beach Park is one of the beaches along the 7 mile coast that’s mostly frequented by locals. While it’s usually empty on week days, the beach tends to come alive on weekends and Jamaican public holidays – with vibrant music and lots of vendors including chefs selling jerk cuisine.

The beach is run by local authorities and charges about $3 US for patrons to enter. It’s generally well-maintained with picnic tables and chairs. There are also shower facilities and changing rooms.

There are lots of shady trees so you can relax on the shore once you’ve had enough of the pristine waters.

Little Bay Beach

Last on our list is the Little Bay Beach. While it is not located on the Seven Mile Beach, Little Bay is the perfect hide away. Located some 30 minutes outside of Negril, Little Bay is a cozy little town with a beautiful beach that is usually free of crowds and commercialization.

It has a lazy, laid-back island vibe that Negril doesn’t. Little Bay is mostly frequented by locals including members of the Rastafari community who live close by in simple board houses.

The beach itself is small and secluded, but very pretty. It’s surrounded by lush green trees and has beautiful waters that are perfect for swimming.

If you’re luck, you’ll encounter local fishermen who may be willing to offer you a tour or boat ride at a small cost.