Boy George Curses in Jamaican

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This is so hilarious, I could not stop laughing, this was totally unexpected. Imagine this guy cursing badwords and sounding alot more Jamaican than many people on the rock.What gets me is when he dips back, sucks his teeth and let the words fly like any little dutty gal.The man comes off as real tegareg and warmonger. “Kiss mi bloodclaat, ah nuh battyhole business” hahahahahahahahahahahahaah. How ironic that this flaming homosexual is copying the language of a place that is widely homophobic?This was a good laugh however and I am still rolling, and my belly bottom is cramping up. Thanks to M.C. for the buss!!!!!

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Jeremy Dixon
Jeremy is a Jamaican writer and traveler who loves highlighting the best of his homeland. He enjoys sharing his experiences to help potential visitors plan their dream vacations. With a passion for Jamaican culture, music, and cuisine, Jeremy is always seeking new adventures to share with his readers.

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