Does Alaska Airlines Fly to Jamaica?

If you live in a city that is served by Alaska Airlines, or you have a ton of sky miles that you wouldn’t mind using, Jamaica would be a great getaway destination….wouldn’t it?

Alaska Airline serves a large majority of cities on the West Coast of the United States, along with Alaska, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Does Alaska Fly to Jamaica?

If you are looking to get to Jamaica from one of the cities that Alaska Airlines services, then the answer is:

No, Alaska Airlines does not fly to Jamaica.

There are no direct flights to any of the major cities of Jamaica:

What Options Are Available to Get to Jamaica

There are quite a few options if you live in an area that is served by Alaska Airlines and would love to visit Jamaica for that getaway vacation you are longing for.

Option 1.

You can take an Alaskan flight to a city that has direct flights to the various cities of Jamaica.  You will find most people fly to the east coast and then connect to an airline that goes to one of the cities in Jamaica.

Option 2

Use an airline that goes to Jamaica, but make a connection in a city that the airline flies to.

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